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 SAITAMA Girls Match 2019 


Date: August 3rd and 4th, 2019

Location: Urawa Komaba Stadium, Yono Hachioji Field, Horisaki park

Match Regulation:

# of teams: 16

# of games per team: 5 games

August 3rd (Game Time  20-10-20  /  no extra time)

Group League: Group A ~ C / 4 teams per group

August 4th (Game Time  25-10-25  /  PK / Final game 10-10 extra time)

1st League: 1st place teams from each group and wild card

2nd League: 2nd place teams from each group and two wild cards

3rd League: 3rd place team and three 4th place teams

Saitama City Football Association

Match Coordinator