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  Soccer Coaching Education  JAPAN 2019  

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For Your Coaching Development

Learn Japanese Coaching Philosophy

Observe the Differences between the USA and Japan

Experience Japanese Culture

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November 7 ~18, 2019 “ 12 days ”

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Learn from Japanese coaches in different environments including a presentation from J-League Academy coaches and learning" Japan's Way," JFA's coaching philosophy. Coaches will have the opportunity to train and play on Academy and JFA training grounds so bring your soccer gear!

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Observe soccer at all levels in Japan. This includes first team training of the professional clubs, college teams, youth J-League Academies, club teams, and soccer schools. Watch the entire pathway of a Japanese youth player and experience a live J-League professional match.

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Tour the facilities of Japan's most successful J-League clubs, the Japan Football Association House and various J-League soccer stadiums. We will also tour the JFA Academy, an elite level residential club managed by the JFA and coached by JFA coaches. See the facilities used by Japanese players and coaches of all levels.

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Experience Japanese culture on and off the field. Off field activities include sightseeing around Tokyo and Saitama, shopping, and eating at famous Japanese restaurants. Enjoy sukiyaki, sushi, ramen, curry, yakiniku, and other Japanese culinary classics. Coaches will have free days to explore and enjoy Japan!

Date of Trip: Leave: November 7, 2019  /  Return: November 18, 2019
Capacity: up to 20 coaches
Price:$1680+tax (Hotel, lecture fees, J-League Game ticket, transportation between airport and hotel) Travelers must have travel insurance for this trip.
Air ticket: Please buy a air ticket by yourself.
Hotel: Hoshino Resort in Tokyo
Trip Schedule(Sample)

Day 1(11/7)Thu.

AM    Departure Honolulu Int’l Airport


Day 2(11/8)Fri

PM    Arrival Narita Int’l Airport   to Hotel


Day 3(11/9)Sat

Ed.&Ob.   J-League Club Academy


Day 4(11/10)Sun

Ob.   College Soccer & Soccer School


Day 5(11/11)Mo

Ex. Free Day


Day 6(11/12)Tu

Ed.&Ob. J-League Urawa Reds Academy


Day 7(11/13)Wed

Ed.&Ob.&To.   JFA Academy


Day 8(11/14)Thu

Ed.&Ob. J-League Omiya Ardija Academy


Day 9(11/15)Fri

Ed.&Ob. J-League Kawasaki Flontale Academy


Day 10(11/16)Sat

Ob.    J-League Game


Day 11(11/17)Sun

Ex.     Free Day


Day 12(11/18)Mo

PM     Return   Narita Int’l Airport


Day 13(11/18)Mo

AM     Arrive     Honolulu

Entry for Coaching Education Tour JAPAN

Thank you for your Entry!

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